Natures Acres Ranch


     Total ranch info. ​ Jilgueral, Costa Rica

.​Weather wise it is perfect      for a farm. The rainy    season is wet but the  mountain side is at the right angle of decent that the rain flows down to the     rivers without molesting the land

.It honestly stays  green all year.

I have three separate registered pieces of adjoining land, with a total of almost 100 acres. In Costa |Rica the land is measured flat, so I actually have a lot more of physical surface acreage                My road frontage is more than 770,026 meters,( 2,525.65 feet) and the parcels go up the mountain for up to 800 meters with an elevation of approx.2000 -3000.meters. The finca is located on the eastern side of a large mountain range and gets protection from any Pacific storms or bad weather, and enjoys the rising suns warmth after a refreshing night.

I traveled most of       Costa Rica, and I  honestly believe my    mountain has the        best weather,          natural variety of      fauna, landscape,     and homey feeling than everywhere i've           traveled.


I have built roads that facilitate access to the bigger pieces of land.They are of natural mountain side and do require occasional maintenance. It has made is a lot easier to ride the horses, and quad around the ranch. Most of the ranch is of open pasture areas between bosque (forest). It has many trees and sections, and has not been over grazed or molested. trees were not allowed to be cut.since the 14 years I owned it. I do not see the income from cows and had a beautiful herd of 12 just for my pleasure. I kept one jersey and baby and had lots of creamy milk. The big barn is spacious and open air with 3 box stalls, larger enclosed area and a manga. (chute for cows or horses) for loading or vaccinating etc. I have just been told the coral needs repairing, roof supports. New buyers may prefer to build a new coral or relocate it.I have the finca partitioned with wire boundaries and gates so the horses or cows can be kept separate if needed or wanted. . I like to alternate pastures therefore keeping parasites and boredom to a minimum. Big pastures permit riding a horse not used for long a time as they stay in physical condition on the mountain.


       I can drive to Sabanna (downtown central SJ or the main airport) in 1 hour with good traffic and 1 hr and a half with heavy holiday traffic. The highway is paved all the way from San Jose to the entrance of Jilgueral and is a beautiful drive. There is a clinic, and ready to open, a new hospital just north of Puriscal. Fast, local ambulance service. Cima hospital is private and less than an hour drive., San Jose has many high quality hospitals also, but I prefer Cima as it is American based with the latest equipment and many English speaking doctors. Most of the higher professional doctors are relocating to the Cima towers  offices.
             Puriscal is a nice friendly town. A little old fashioned .Everyone knows your name within a week. The stores are clean and helpful, the post office efficient and the pharmacies like a free doctor.. some have a Dr in service for minor problems. reasonable in price. If you need something from the feed store,butcher etc, they will put it on the bus for you, and you pick it up at the pulperia at the end of my road... You don’t find that service anymore. Besides enjoying the local natural environment, the rivers have many secluded areas for private picnics, the wildlife is bountiful, the beaches, volcanos, waterfalls, museums, theatre, symphony, club meetings,(ELKS,WCCR)etc and excellent restaurants, all reached in a day trip.


      Jilgueral is 10miles S/W of Santiago de Puriscal which is S/W of San Jose. The main road goes from San Jose, pass Escazu, CidadColon, Puriscal, 12miles

 to Jilgueral. The road continues south to La Gloria and ends in Parritta,on the Pacific between Quepos and Jaco,