Natures Acres Ranch

This tree fell into the road otherwise we didn't cut trees unless for use on the property. .

Jilgueral, Costa Rica

      I do love the design of the house and would like to rebuild it when I relocate. It is a one of a kind house, but having a twin somewhere would make me happy knowing someone else is enjoying my special home


               There is no insect problem on the house property. Flies are an absolute minimum. Mosquitos only an occasional visitor in the summer after a rain shower, and then only a few. The wild birds keep busy catching the moths and other things that go swoosh in the air. The picture window used to give a big scenic view but the palm trees and bamboo are reaching skyward, and the sound of them swaying in the slight winds makes up for a little less view. The hummingbirds remind you when the food level is getting low. The scarlet tanagers tap on the window when they think you should be up and doing some thing.The praying mantis sometimes come to see what I am doing on the computer, and catch insects that dares to venture on the screen

  The lower level bedrooms, spacious and high ceilings are quiet and have big windows or skylights. Cool river breezes make for a refreshing nights sleep. Big windows(total privacy) and sliding glass doors for a private entrance. Ceramic non slip floors throughout the house. Downstairs There's a ceramic bathroom with shower between the two bedrooms and a laundry area in front of the bathroom.There is a fireproof storage shed behind the house and a staircase up to the coffee, mango, tangerine, lemon, mammons. (my favorite fruit, lychees) chestnut trees, and vegetable garden

         Built in 2000 , steel perlin 2x8 doubled back to back beams. Concrete
reinforced corner mounts for earthquake protection. *to date no affects of earthquakes on the house. No major shakes either in 13 years.  Fibrolite sheathing is fireproof. Reinforced concrete floors. Non slip ceramic tile throughout house and exterior. Sheetrock walls,
     California tile look, heavy gauge metal roofing,. Aluminum  gutters aluminum windows, some with louvers. Tower, red brick with cement framing with glass block and stained glass windows. Metal banisters for loft and balcony. Hardwood floors second floor. . almendro wood tablets ceilings. Wood ceiling beams 2x8 ‘, no nails can enter.
      Four skylights 3ft x 9ft guarantee 10 year plastic.(reinstalled in 
2006) Electric #2 line from meter to house. 200amp. My own transformer only for my house. Commercial connection box, metal towers for the line over ground, all grounded, new big breaker box. Septic system.
               Water from my springs 2’’ tube only for the house, gravity fed FREE.      

Sq  ft interior 1,895,  exterior covered balconies, patios 251 sf .(2,147 SF )

           There is a secure metal framed fireproof storage shed,  a metal perlin staircase to upper pasture, fruit trees. Jacuzzi , outdoor big  fiberglass sink. parking space for 2 cars on concrete. 

               The stained glass windows,  and glass blocks in the tower add a cheerful illumination of color.   Climbing the spiral staircase is actually enjoyable, and reaching the second level of a spacious bedroom loft is greeted by hardwood tongue and groove flooring, Lathed metal banisters and overhead lighting planters and ceiling fan. 

       The master bedroom *up stair, has a shower enclosure that could have a party, total tiled, excellent quality fixtures. The rear window brings in a cool breeze from the river that runs behind the house. Sliding glass doors invite you to go out and enjoy the view, and relax on the balcony. Plants grow well there as on the rest of the finca. ​Birds will sometimes nest on the balcony if there  is a treeish plant there. they also look in the windows to see what you are doing. 

  My house which I had built in 2000 is a real dream house for anyone liking open space and privacy.. The red brick tower is for the beautiful spiral staircase of iron and 2” thick wood that should last 200 years. The house is built of perlin (2x6 2x8 steelbeams, doubled) the 2x8 ceiling wood beams that no nail can enter,wood lined ceilings with skylights , heavy duty galvanized steel roof(California red tile look). Non slip ceramic floors, ceiling fans and lights, sheet rock walls.

          The House should be fireproof. (I lost my California house to the willow fire in 99.) The big glass wall beckons you to enter, the living room is spacious.The highceilings are lined with a beautiful tongue and grove wood. There is cross ventilation from the louvered windows and the open screened sections beneath the roof. There are four exit doors from the living room/dining kitchen area. The kitchen is easy to work in and has ceramic counter space for preparation of meals. The closets under the counters are hand made of cedral wood , but with drawers for easy access. No more bending and looking into closets. There are fantastic pot racks above the counter areas that make everything easily .available.



       The real value is in buying the entire finca . Then keeping it all, or selling some of it to pay for your home, your childrens, and retirement.

 Across from the main entrance is a smaller 17.000 meters square triangular mini paradise parcel, bordered by 2 nacientes. I would prefer to sell the entire ranch,but will also consider selling sections. (2014) I have just resized the modern house with 6 acres, a waterfall and river, leaving the center parcel as a ranch. I would also cut the lower part of the 19 hectare piece with 8-10 acres, for a home building site, and put the remaining acreage with the center section making for a bigger ranch, or building venture,



        In Costa Rica one hectare equals   2 ½ acres. My biggest parcel is 19 hectares, 190,000 meters square. It has a road and a permitted building site with approved plans for a two story hexagon house , an area for cabinas, excellent for tree farming or cacoa, avacados, etc. & river and nacientos

   . The adjoining parcel 17 hectares, 170,000 meters square, is the one with my new modern open living home, and it also has the original 3-4 bedroom Tico house,the barn, kennels and cattery buildings.river and nacientos.

        On the lower side of the road is a triangular pparcel bordered by 2 streams, with nacientos, pasture, forest, bamboo groves, huge trees, and a level area on the roadside for parking or a cabina. 

           On my ranch there are  many nacientes (underground springs)

that come up from the rock base and the water leaves the  ground, filtered, cool and  refreshing. It is transported     by gravity no pumps/electric.   

That means no electric pump bill,and there is still water without electricity . 

There will never be a problem of ample water with this ranch. (very important in this day and age) . I have the birth of the Turrabares River at the western upper border of the finca , The eastern border is an unnamed, year round river that also is born on the farm. There are various streams and even a small waterfall that the animals and i like to visit. There is a possible income from selling bottled water. San Jose is out of clean water as are many parts of Costa Rica , The rivers water are the property of the country, but the river land and stones etc. are the ranches. The river water is the ranches to use. The nacientos are private, and the water could be sold. Costa Rica is running low on clean water. Plus you know no chlorine, disinfectants, etc have been added, The taste is 5xs better than bottles. 

Total ranch details

Jilgueral is 10miles S/W of Santiago de Puriscal which is S/W of San Jose. The main road goes from San Jose, pass Escazu, Cidad Colon, Puriscal  to Jilgueral   It continues south to La Gloria and ends in Parritta,on the Pacific between Quepos and Jaco,
The road is in good repair, has lots of curves, 
Beautiful scenery, Driver needs to watch the road not the beauty of Cosrta Rica.