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    In Costa Rica one hectare equals 2 ½ acres. My biggest parcel is 19 hectares, 190,000. meters square. It has a road and a permitted building site with approved plans for a two story hexagon house. The adjoining parcel

17 hectares, 170,000.meters square, is the one with my new modern open living home, and it also has the original 3-4 bedroom Tico house, the barn, kennels and cattery buildings. Across from the main entrance is a smaller 16,227 meters square triangular  paradise parcel, bordered by 2 nacientes,(springs). I would prefer to sell the entire ranch but will also consider selling sections. (2014) I have just resized the modern house with 6 acres, a waterfall and river, leaving the center parcel as a ranch. I would also cut the lower part of the 19 hectare piece with 8-10 acres, for a home building site, and put the remaining acreage with the center section making for a bigger ranch, or building venture,The real value is in buying the entire finca . Then keeping it all, enjoying relaxing and being so close to heaven, maybe raising crops  or having tourist cabins, or selling some of it to pay for your home and retirement.

My road frontage is more than 2,528 feet . The parcels go up the mountain for 800 meters. Every section has fantastic views.  there are many underground springs, 

          My house which i had built in 2000 is a dream house for anyone lking open space and privacy. (3bdr 2b) The brick tower is for the beautiful spiral staircase and bedroom loft. A huge open kitchen.  The house is built of steel beams, the 2x8 ceiling wood beams, no nail can enter, wood lined  ceilimg with skylights, heavy duty galvanized California steel roof.  Non slip ceramic floors, ceiling fans,/lights, sheetrock walls, 2 huge bedrooms downstairs, spacious bathrooms. ..and secure storage shed. Most of the ranch is of open pasture areas and forest. I believe the ranch would qualify for organic farming,. Jilgueral is 10 miles S/W of Santiago de Puriscal, which is S/W of San Jose A one hour drive to downtown SJ. The highway is paved from SJ to Jilgueral. Parrita orJaco is 90 min. There is electricity, telephone, internet, street lights. Direct TV. Bus service at the pulperia, and the road as I write this, is being improved. There is also a nice spacious Tico house, which I have remodeled and a large corral/barn. An indoor/outdoor cattery (Burmese, Bengal, Puma cats)., and a 3 compartment huge wrought iron kennel, cement floors and septic tanks.

 Please feel free to call or email me for any questions. There are no legal problems, liens connected with this finca.

Natures Acres Ranch

Turrubares river forms the western border. The eastern border is a river that is also born on the ranch. There are various streams, a small waterfall, and the air  is pure .This is dreamable, Secluded, natural , peaceful living at it's best.