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APDO 169-6000 Puriscal de San Jose Costa Rica Phone 506 2416 3333 or 506 2416 3398

Horses ( Andalusian, Peruvian Paso Fino, Ibero ) of excellent quality, ranch raised with TLC and discipline, for the purpose of a handicapped riding program. Due to bad roads, and other illegal occurrences the program never got fully established. My destroyed back is now preventing me from riding or hard physical work. I need to sell into good homes the following 10 horses. They are all from excellent breeding stock, sound, surefooted, affectionate, healthy, no vices or behavior problems. Horses you will always be proud of. Basic training, No TICO stamping, eager to learn.


Andalusian, Andalusian / Peruvian Paso Fino / Ibero




N.A. Ebony

Champ Gardel

Peruvian Paso Fino Pure Andalusian
Black 15 h smooth Bay 15.1 h
Great sire and father Sire of many champions






6 Yr Andalusian/Peruvian Stallion 5 Yr Andalusian/Ibero Stallion
Grey 14.3 14.2
Dam Andalusian LUZ Dam Ibero TUNDRA
Solid as a rock Quiet, very loveing
Willing, dependable, beautiful Arab head, eyes Mane and tail extra long
Andalusian and Peruvian Gaits Andalusian and Peruvian Gaits




3 Yr Andalusian PPF grey Stallion 2 1/2 Yr Andalusian Red Bay
Grey 15 + H Should be 15 H
Sire PPF Ebony Sire Andalusian Lucierto
Dam Andalusian US Luz Dam Andalusian Luz
Tall fleshy, elegant Been spoiled, developing fantasticly
Great parade prospect Loves attention

Mares , the glory of mothers. They produce, spend all their time raising, teaching, guarding a foal. Good mothers good foals. My mares have given me so many glorious moments. The first peek at the newborn, the floating stride while walking her baby for you to see, Letting you know when something is wrong, whinneys of welcome, hugs of affection, riding with the young one underfoot, where would we be without them? I thank god for everyone of them., Andalusians, Arabians, Iberos, Criolli, Welsh, and pray the homes I found for them are truly loving. Luz is one of those real perfect horses. I would like to keep her just to wake each morning and see something so beautiful and good. You will know this feeling if you get one of these fantastic boys, or ladies.



Natures Acres Luz. Andalusian 15h. Grey. Luz is what you would call a perfect broodmare and also a perfect riding companion , and friend, She is always careful of her rider. Well mannered, moves freely and comfortably covering distance. A true angel Her babies are beautiful, healthy, well disciplined and trusting.
Natures Acres Tundra Ibero, 15.2 Grey ( Thorobred and Andalusian). I bought her when her legs were cut up, as a yearling. She healed with her high spirits and was always ready for work. She gave me Lover Boy. She had a long gait and never tired.
Princess pure reg. Andalusian. Unfortunately I lost her to lightning. She did give me Lucierto from breeding to Ebony
Arroyo Reg Costa Rica Paso Fino. bay 15h. She has the parade gait of swinging her legs . Long mane and tail, when not out on 400 acres of pasture. She is not as affectionate as the Andalusians or Peruvians but was stabled before I bought her. Her foals from Ebony were fantastic paso gaited, and beautiful.
Hetana She was the prettiest criolli mare I have seen. Somewhere she had Arabian ancestors . Could jump like a hunter. Only liked women...ha. Smart horse..
These horses are being offered at the lowest price, way below the financial cost of raising them. They are guaranteed to be as sold, in good health and no vices. I will consider payments, trade for car or small truck, beautiful kitchen table set 4chairs., tv, etc things I don't have to take care of ..feed clean ,,,, ride,
If you ever wanted a good horse don't miss the opportunity to check these horses out. I do need a few days notice for an appointment as they are in pastures and need baths for showing. Please do not insult me with ridiculous offers, and missed appointments. Call me please for any other info you might need.
Marguerite Paduano, Jilgueral Natures Acres S.A., CR 506 2416 3333
Also available handmade Peruvian Paso saddle and Australian Outback saddle

Marguerite Paduano - Phone: (506) 2416 - 3333 - -

I sell in addition to andalusian and peruvian paso fino horses cats - bengal, burmese, puma.