Natures Acres Ranch

I have the most beautiful finca (ranch) for sale due to my healthproblems. I have been here in Jilgueral, Costa Rica, for 13 years and love this area.But honestly, being a single senior woman, trying to run a big mountain ranch with horses, foals, cows, and raise purebred dogs and show cats, was getting to be too much for my brokendown body. ​ My spinal column was in need of a total top to bottombridge work.4+ broken backs and inherited scoliosis, made any further ranching impossible.
          ​ I am now in Florida 20 miles east of Tampa, with 3 acres, a beautiful house and one horse and one pony, 3 small dogs and many of my cats I brought up from Costa Rica. I really miss the ranch with all my heart. The even days, even temperatures, the birds and frogs singing, plants growing so fast you could almost hear them. I was not aware how the sound of the river flowing made me sleep all night, I still wake up missing it, as it was 1/2 of every days time. Now I hear water sprinklers and lawn mowers...worry about hurricanes, tornados and sink holes.
I'll always love the beauty of Costa rica and the pleasures of my mountain ranch. you will also

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